15 Jan 2019 Marseille (France)

Workshop "Conservation laws and trafic flows"

The goal of this workshop is to give a few introductory talks around the theoretical and numerical analysis of equations arising in trafic flow modeling. The concerned continuous models are based on conservation laws in which specific terms have to be considered in order to take into account heterogeneities phenomena and constraints stemming from the microscopic scale.


  • Nicolas Forcadel (INSA Rouen)
  • Paola Goatin (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
  • Frédéric Lagoutière (Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon)
  • Thibault Liard (INRIA Grenoble)


The registration is free but mandatory.

Send an email to trafficflow@sciencesconf.org


9h30 : Coffe greeting

9h45 :  Presentation of the day

10h : Talk 1

11h : Talk 2

12h : Lunch -  Buffet

14h : Talk 3

15h : Talk 4

Titles and abstracts


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